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Hi, I'm Troy Warren, Jr, and welcome to Troyboyjr Productions, headquartered in Sugar Land, Tx. My mission is to focus creative energy towards your music recording or video project to provide you with a top quality finished product that is also fresh, unique, and powerful. I have a recording studio in my Sugar Land home, and I use it primarily for music production and video editing, but I also do music mixing and mastering at that recording studio.

If your group is large, whether a band or simply a big vocal group, etc, then I work out of one of two recording studios, depending on your needs, location, and price range. One recording studio is in the heights and one recording studio is in Spring Branch.

If what you need is high quality music production, please click the link for music samples and check out some of my work! I've been in the music production business and worked in recording studios for almost 30 years, and I take great pride in the quality of my work. You don't have to be a super talent for me to work with you, but I do require that you be in pursuit of the highest quality music production. I can build a broadcast quality music production with nothing but a set of lyrics to work from, but obviously, the more you bring to the table, the easier it is for me. My music production team is comprised of top studio musicians, some of whom are Grammy nominees or winners. I never settle for less than "Radio Quality" mixes, so you can rest assured when you hire me that I will deliver very high quality mixing that will get your song noticed. I also do broadcast quality mastering, so once we connect, you won't have to take your recording project anywhere else to be completed.

If you are looking for video production, whether a music video, corporate video, or even a wedding video, please click the link for video production and check out some of the videos and music videos I've done recently. I've only been producing videos for about 4 years, and started shooting about two years ago. The result is I deliver high quality video and music video content, but at a fraction of the price that you might pay for comparable work elsewhere.

I'll admit, I'm not the cheapest music producer in town, but I've discovered over time that no matter what the price tag, if you end up with music production or video production that you don't like or can't use because of poor quality, then ultimately, you've paid too much. I have many happy and satisfied clients. Click the testimonial link and you can see what some of them have to say about my music production and video production services. You can also check the link to my client list for references.

If you are in need of my services, please give me call on my cell phone - 281-468-5730. I'd love to connect with you!
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Video: City Boy Country - John Lange Music Video

Country Music Video - Copyright 2013 by John Lange - Actors: Renee Massey and Bryan Scott - Produced by: Troy Warren - Troyboyjr Productions
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